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A full range of Remington, Winchester and Federal ammunition is always in stock. Contact us for that hard to get calibre or obscure load. Special deals on quantity buys and case loads.

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Click on PDF to view our current ammunition list. Every attempt has been made to provide accurate prices however prices have been fluctuating due to the Australian dollar. Please check with us first.

Ammunition List - 8th February 2018

Steel List - 18th February 2015
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Spika Ammunition Box

Spika Ammuntion Box

Light Weight 1.750kilo

Easy to Carry

Comes with two keys.

15.4cm x 22.8cm x 26.6 cm

$ 39.00
Important notice:

Loaded ammunition, primers and powder- Personal shoppers only with the appropriate licence.

Unprimed brass and projectiles can be sent via Australia post.