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We stock and recommend the Australia made Lightforce portable lighting systems.
"Turn night into day"
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Lightforce is Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of innovative portable high intensity modular lighting systems.


SL - Hand Held spotlights are unequalled in light output, quality, durability and user comfort. There are 3 reflector sizes to suit any application you need.

'STRIKER' 170mm - Our most popular performer.
(530 000 candle power)
'BLITZ' 240mm - Simply unequalled power and brilliance.(1000 000 candle power)

Your choice of either;
4.5 metre figure 8 flex with alligator clips
3.6 metre coil cord with cigarettel lighter plug

Spika Trigger Light STL-001

Our hand held trigger spotlight has a completely custom ergonomically designed handle for maximum grip and comfort. It is compact, powerful, light-weight and has an easy to use trigger. This spotlight has a female mounting thread at the base of the handle and comes with a USB power charging cable allowing you to charge out of your in-car charging point.

Trigger Light features

  • Power: 15W
  • Brightness: 1200Lm
  • Battery Type: 3.7V 4Ah Lithium
  • Working Time: 2.5H
  • Reflector Size: 140mm
  • Beam Pattern: Spot Beam
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Color Temperature: 6000K-6500K

    $ 125.00
  • Spika Trigger Light


    A new convenient way to mount a LIGHTFORCE spotlight to vitually any vehicle window frame in seconds.

    Installation is as easy as adjusting to approximate length, slotting the bottom bracket into the base window channel and compressing the gas strut to allow the top bracket to seat in the top channel.

    Attach your light, connect power and you are ready to go!
    Supporta light by lightforce


    Tailor your beam pattern in seconds with these easy to install clip on filters. Made of ultra strong polycarbonate.

    Filters are available in several colours, for most reflector sizes.
    - Amber - Ideal for minimising glare in dust or foggy conditions
    - Green - Specifically for spotting animals with sensitive eyes. Decreased visible light signature.
    - Red - Most popular for night spotting of light shy animals. Decreased visible light signature.
    Other colours on request.

    For price and availability on Lightforce products not listed here, please call.

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