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Nick Harvey's Practical Reloading Manual

NIck Harvey's Practical Reloading Manual

Ninth Edition

Nick Harvey's latest reloading manual has been comprehensively revised and
updated. A few old, obsolete cartridges like the .2I9 Zipper have been dropped.
Loads for the wildcat. 6mm-284 has been completely redone and a number of new
powders added. New calibres include th6 6.8mm Rem. SPC, .3OO Ruger Compact
Magnum. .308 Marlin Express, .30 TC, .338 Federal. 338 Ruger Compact Magnum,
.375 Ruger and .458 Lott. In response to popular demand, new data was developed
for the venerable old .303-25 in both Lee Enfield and Mauser-type rifles.

There's all sorts of useful down to earth. How To chapters. A section
describing available powders is especially useful. Looking at the descriptions
and comparing the results in different cartridges can give the less experienced
handloader a valuable insight into how these powders will perform in different
cartridges. A review of Maximum Point Blank Ranges for many popular cartridges
is also included, which indicates how to sight in for a particular cartridge to
gain their flattest trajectories.

The book's 3I2 pages contain sections on basic reloading techniques taken one
step at a time, providing a valuable resource to the inexperienced reloader and
making this book one of the most comprehensive reloading manuals ever written
for the Australian market.

Book available in store for $ 49.00